Mission 2021


Note: Please excuse the video quality, I have little to no editing capabilities here in Uganda.

I have relocated to Uganda in order to pursue the next opportunity in my career as an instructional designer. We are still working out the details of my position at UCU. This video is a much too long explanation of my work as an instructional designer, Covid 19’s impact on the most recent events and how it came to be that I have brought my career to Uganda.

Since living in Uganda during my 2015-2017 stint, I have come to know that I will always come back to Uganda to support education in Uganda. How I will support education in Uganda will change as opportunities arise in the future. There is always opportunity for loyal friends to support each initiative. Please reach out to me if you feel the nudge to support the efforts of Shared Frontiers in Uganda.

I will add one bold proclamation (which I might have to amend of retract in the future). The people I am committed to supporting and serving in my organized missions to Uganda are not the hungry, the homeless and the orphans or the one’s who need school fees. I will run into those individual situations and meet the needs as I go along. These are very worthy causes and should not be halted. But I will assert that many parts of the third world are overrun by NGO’s and volunteers that serve in this way. This is not wrong. But because these organisations and initiatives are so numerous and so lucrative, it does not contribute to wholistic, long-term, equitable relationships with our global friends and sometimes they are not sustainable. Often this systemic imbalance demonstrates that Africa’s only place in the global narrative is to need food, need clean water sources and other needs of the like.

Uganda is not our needy cousin. Uganda is full of entrepreneurs, intellectuals and brilliant problem solvers who need a space at the global table so that all our lives can be enriched. With Mission 2021, I am blessed to broaden the reach of SME’s and professors from UCU by supporting them in their race to online learning. I am thrilled to support the educational future of Uganda and increase capacity for the University, as one generation imparts their knowledge and expertise to to the new generation.

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