2021 Year Donations/Expenses

This is a short video of our P&L’s. Uganda Partners has generously offered to process our support. They give us a 1099 at the end of the year. I’m always happy that our expenditures are low/very reasonable. I’m also grateful for the donors that have supported the work. Your support has been tremendous.

Family Tree and Mis-tree: the madman

The stories that slowly unfold of family happenings and revealed secrets and mysteries behind stories. They all unfold like leaves on an autumn tree until one day the tree stands bare and stark against the sky. No more leaves to conceal the limbs of stories formed on the way. There is the story behind theContinue reading “Family Tree and Mis-tree: the madman”

The Saga of the Digging of a Well: Part 3, The Drama!

After a month of digging and after the pump was installed, I’m ready to call this project finished. I hoped to take photos and tell all my facebook friends of what has been accomplished. But something is strangely missing. As projects go, in Uganda this one seemed relatively drama free! …and I would like toContinue reading “The Saga of the Digging of a Well: Part 3, The Drama!”