Thieves Again

For those of you who are praying for us, please pray earnestly for our safety. The fence we put up 5 years ago is now seriously compromised and no longer keeping people out who have sinister motives.

We’ve been enduring periodic incidents where people come at night and take the metal stakes that hold up the chain link. Clearly, the stakes are necessary. But a few nights ago a group of people came and took the whole gate, door and all. Further, earlier in the day, Gracie was in the garden playing and confronted a man climbing over the fence into our garden. He quickly ran away. Later she identified him as the one renting our neighbor’s house.

This is the aftermath of the door in the fence.

The fence needs serious repair and we need to replace a whole section with something more secure. We need to build it with bricks and mortar. Likely we need to electrify the top of the fence and put motion sensors and plant thorny bushes. It seems like overkill but one measure of security is easily overcome.

This is a lot more expense than we anticipated but we must act now before worse things happen. I don’t enjoy asking for support with these kinds of things. But I humbly request serious prayers and if God is calling you to, please donate to this cause.

What the gate looked like before it was taken.

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