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Living nearby is an old man who putters around the neighborhood. He lives alone in a small rental. But he keeps an eye on the movement of the neighborhood. He does odd jobs for us and relishes doing them for us. He wants to earn money for his weekly visit to the doctor. It is…

Why murder is always discussed at burials.

There is an uncle from my husband’s extended family, who lives in kikondwa. He lived there with his wife and sons nearby. My husband knows him well because that is the same village he grew up in. When he was little, this uncle came with his young family to live nearby because his father had…

Lord, protect us from Thieves

We continue to monitor and be vigilant. We ask for many prayers for our safety. Thieves have become much more bold these days. For me it is not the fact that things may be stollen and that we have technology that is highly lucrative on the black market’s list. I mostly fear the trauma resulting…

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