The Tech Learning Centre

Our goal for the Tech Learning Centre: To run eLearning programs that serve the learning needs of the community. The Centre will run programs that do 3 things for Ugandan children: It will put the child into a learning environment where they can flourish and love learning, according to early childhood education principles. (Most UgandanContinue reading “The Tech Learning Centre”

Racialized Histories

If we are Christian, one thing we can agree on is the restoration of all things, which Jesus initiated when he restored humankind to God. As humans, we all are a product of Babel and Cain and Abel. As those who have given ourselves to Christ, we are called to live in the reversal ofContinue reading “Racialized Histories”

Fireside chats

Sometimes in the evening I have to go for a walk to clear my mind after a busy day. Last night I came upon a group of neighbors who were chatting and tending to their cooking fire. They invited me to sit with them. The old woman is one of our distant relatives and isContinue reading “Fireside chats”

2021 Year Donations/Expenses

This is a short video of our P&L’s. Uganda Partners has generously offered to process our support. They give us a 1099 at the end of the year. I’m always happy that our expenditures are low/very reasonable. I’m also grateful for the donors that have supported the work. Your support has been tremendous.

Banking Events

Going to the bank in Uganda is a bit of an event. I never know what might happen. I never know what personal information may become public or how my personal space will be invaded. A few days ago I went to the bank after work to withdraw a larger sum of money because weContinue reading “Banking Events”


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