New member of the family.

New member of the family. 🙄

Today, I came home from work and exuberant children ran at me as I walked in from the road: my two and the other three boys from the neighborhood that had come to play.

“Mommy, mommy! We caught a bird.”

“It is our new family member.”

“Fefa caught it and we are so happy! Do you want to see it?”

Mommy, “Oh my, is the bird okay?”

“Yes, Mommy, we are keeping it in the chicken house. Look, see!” Runs to get the bird.

I remember the day, a few months ago, Gracie couldn’t stop crying because she had failed to trap a bird she had wanted to make her pet.

“But Mommy, I want a pet bird and I can’t get it!!!”

Buckets of tears.

Mommy, “But Gracie, we cannot force such situations. Give it some time and wait patiently for the right situation. Look for the opportunity. You will know when it happens.”

“But Mommy, I want a pet bird now!”

Oh, by the way, the bird’s name is, Chaco.

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