The Tech Learning Centre

Our goal for the Tech Learning Centre: To run eLearning programs that serve the learning needs of the community.

The Centre will run programs that do 3 things for Ugandan children:

  • It will put the child into a learning environment where they can flourish and love learning, according to early childhood education principles. (Most Ugandan schools still conduct class in the colonial fashion with lectures and required note-taking for hours, for even the smallest students.)
  • It will introduce the Ugandan child to the power of the digital device for learning and doing work. (Ugandans already have a basic understanding of how it is used for communication and social media.)
  • It will introduce computing skills to those who have no means of owning a device or a book.

The Tech Learning Centre is expanding to a new space.

Previously, I talked about a small group of kids that came to our house for tutoring. Now that schools are open, all but one of those kids went back to school—boarding school. So they are no longer nearby. We finished basic repairs (paint and walls) on the room in our house we were going to make into a classroom. Yet an opportunity opened that we were not expecting. We used my tax refund and a donation to purchase a built house, which will be much more appropriate to use for the centre. It is double the size and it does not mix with our personal living space.

The backstory is:
For the last 15 years, we had squatters on the edge of our property who could not be convinced to release their interests for payment. They attempted to strengthen their stake by building a house on the land of interest. Last month they came and agreed to sell their interest. So now we have a built house, which is sufficient for phase 1 of the Learning Centre. We need to outfit the house with appropriate power for network and computing. Bathrooms need to be built and security established. However, those who intended trouble for us have left us a gift. They saved us the time and effort it takes to build from the ground up. Please let me know if you are interested in supporting us in outfitting this centre.

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