Collaborating with Ugandan Educators

The larger picture is that I am committed to developing education in Uganda while also partnering with educators there. Ugandans want to be globally relevant; I can help there. But I need to be able to work with Ugandans and reformulate what global relevance in education means in their context, so it makes sense to Ugandan customs and culture.

The last stint I did in Uganda (perhaps, we call that Mission 2016) I was the director of a nursery school of 160 children. The way children were taught, reminded me of the one room schoolhouse. I worked with teachers to implement some changes and I was shocked that we were somewhat successful. But I was also learning how the education system in Uganda is built during that time and building relationships.

My sense of call is that I will be returning to Uganda time and again to work on another piece of the evolving movement in education. I won’t be building an orphanage and feeding hungry children. There are lots of people there to do that. I am called to support and expand the education sector so that Ugandans can feed and house their own children.

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