The opportunity

Only a couple months ago, I was approached by friends and referrals about taking my work to Uganda. As of the past 3 years I’ve become an instructional designer, in addition to all the other things I do. But this career path and industry is what has paid the bills, quite well most recently. After conversations with Mark Bartels of Uganda Partners and the new eLearning manager at Uganda Christian University, I turned my attention from putting out my resume and began to work on a website and support raising: two things I have not done before.

I’m excited to embrace the challenge. I have learned how to operate more software and applications than I have at my last place of employment. Between Mailchimp, OBS, WordPress and vetting various editing software, while learning how to use my 8 yr olds’ online learning applications…learning how to restrict their tablets and keep them on a schedule, it has been interesting.

But all of this points to where I am going next–to Uganda! to work at a University! This is my happy place. Tomorrow I’ll surely be overwhelmed, overloaded and overtired, as I come home and fall into bed and and have to rise quickly in a fright as an elephant charges the house as I am trying to rest…Kidding. Elephants don’t live in my neighborhood in Uganda. But certainly other kinds of elephant size surprises that will surly keep me on my toes.

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