He sends comfort

I was feeling discouraged last week. I had been working on a project for nearly a month, solid. I had put a lot of work into it. But since there are a lot of deciding committees and there are multiple layers of management above me–somehow in the upper echelons of power something was decided and my immediate supervisor put my work on hold. I like staying busy but after the hold…I was not busy and with that came a bit of discouragement.

At my desk in the eLearning Centre

Yet, God did something I did not expect. When I came to work on Friday, I sat and wondered what I would do today. I sorted through my emails and as I began to organize a few more things my colleague introduced me to a lecturer who had come in for support for her Moodle course. She introduced herself as Comfort. I came to understand later that she truly was sent by God and her name was significant.

I sat and helped Comfort for over 2 hours. She was tremendously grateful and interrupted me after about an hour and insisted on first praying and thanking God for answering her prayers. She proceeded to tell me that last night, she had looked at her course and became overwhelmed and didn’t know how to work with the new structure that was put in place. So, she prayed and told God she would come into the eLearning Centre the following morning but asked God to provide her with someone who could give her enough time to help her understand the framework. I was the one who created the framework. I went through every detail with her. I had plenty of time to do so. She went away, happy because God had answered her prayers. God had also answered me. He had sent me comfort in the flesh and confirmed his purpose for me to remain where I was, doing what I was doing.

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