The Saga of the Digging of a Well: Part 1

Fifteen years ago, Stephen was working in US and sent $5000 to Uganda to pay for a well to be dug on his property. So, a bore-hole well was dug.

As the story goes, the surveyor came and pinpointed the optimal spot to drill for water. Later a drilling rig arrived on the property to drill the bore hole. The surveyor did not attract too much attention but the drilling rig attracted the whole village. The whole neighborhood came to watch in fascination and fear. At the time the land was open and people moved freely across each other’s property. The population hadn’t grown to the level it is at today. So, it was very okay for children and adults alike to come to watch the fascinating sight.

Years later, in 2010 after Stephen returned to Uganda, he looked at putting his well to use and discussed finding a pump that would bring the water to the surface. I was skeptical and asked a lot of questions.

One pertinent stream of questions went something like this: Where is the bore hole located? What does it actually look like? So, there is a pipe sticking out of the ground. What does the cover on it look like and is it removable?

Fast forward to discover the pipe sticking out of the ground had no cover on it and the specialist who came out to inspect the well/pipe said that it was blocked and needed to be unblocked.

So, for some 10 years we decided to find another water source solution.

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