This Lovely Mess

I’m especially grateful for the recent rains. Everything we have planted is growing. This is the biggest effort we have put toward planting a variety of vegetables and melons. The trees are bursting with fruits, except for the mango trees that have a problem. We’ve also planted a variety of flowers and shrubs and have been germinating fruit and avocado trees for sale.

Yet the rains also bring a lot of mud and the roads become a nightmare.

Germinating and growing all sorts of things is Stephen’s next project, intent on generating income.

One might wonder about the instructional design and how come I am spending so much time on other things. Well, as things go in Uganda, Ugandans are the originators of innovation and diversifying streams of income. If my husband and I are to survive here, we also need to keep pace with this sentiment, as so it goes!

There are quite a few benefits to diversifying streams of revenue. Yesterday I got to know a colleague’s sister sells underwear. So, now when I am in need, I don’t have to try to figure out how to purchase underwear from the guy (man) who walks down the street with a stick full of panties and bras. I will call the sister. Another colleague who works in IT sold me a tray of farm fresh eggs. And yet another guy who works in IT sells breakfast pancakes on the side.

This lifestyle fits me in my world of being infinitely curious and my propensity toward continuous learning.

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